Zomblogalypse: Three survivors, one blog, some zombies.


Zomblogalypse is the story of three inept survivors of a zombie apocalypse; Tony fashions bizarre weapons from household appliances, Hannah hides in the bath and knits, whilst Miles complains about running zombies and wishes the apocalypse had come along and got rid of all the people sooner.

Originally created as a zero budget black comedy web series in 2008, Zomblogalypse picked up almost half a million views over four seasons building a cult reputation for its dry British humour and loving send ups of the zombie genre, and is now being adapted into a feature length film for shooting in 2014 by the same creative team.

Zomblogalypse is zombie survival for the current generation. The characters are less concerned with the societal implications of the invasion, and in the aftermath of films like Shaun of the Dead, are more adept in survival. Their approach towards the zombies is typically British, deadpan humour. The characters are likeable and relatable, and thehe show’s single camera format means that both the camera and the viewer are right in the middle of the action. What is perhaps most remarkable is the tiny budget of the series, and just how much the team behind it have managed to achieve. Using local locations for free, the team have created a hilarious, violent love letter to classic zombie films – while managing to keep the genre fresh.


The Zomblogalypse team have received so much praise for their series that a film is now in development. The film is at the pre-production stage, with the script being revised and improved upon. The team are also working with horror artists on the overall look of the film and consulting zombie experts about the appearance of the undead. What’s awesome is how involved the fanbase are in the process – from donating to a successful crowd funding campaign, to keeping up to date with the production diaries. They’ve nailed the promotional aspects of producing the series, posting facts, references to look out for and other fun trivia across social media.


Check out the trailer for the series below.

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