Zombieworld will hit the UK this June


Some of my favourite horror movies are anthology films, and the sub-genre has spawned some of the greats – Creepshow and Trick R Treat to name a couple. With the unprecedented surge in zombie popularity over the past decade, it was only a matter of time before these genres crossed paths. Zombieworld was created by the folks over at Dread Central, and is a collection of thirteen short films looking at the zombie myth from a different angle. Having already been released in the US in February, the collection will be making it’s way to the UK on June 8th.

From the Press Release:

The end is here! The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us – and all you can do is kick back and watch how it happened, right here, right now in the place we call Zombieworld.

Satisfy your thirst for all things zombie as we take you back in time to the biblical rise of the living dead before running screaming from continent to continent as reports of zombie devastation arrive from Ireland, Canada, Australia, and all over the U.S.

Watch for the ‘Government Health Warnings’ on ‘How to Survive a Zombie Attack’. They could be the only thing between you and a newfound hunger for human flesh. And above all else, enjoy yourself – you may not have much longer to live.

With ultra-violence, gallons of gore, and heaps of bloody fun, Zombieworld is like nothing you’ve seen before. This ravenous collection of deadly tales takes over DVD on 8 June 2015 courtesy of Image Entertainment.

Welcome to Zombieworld.

Check out the film’s trailer below.

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