Zombies vs. Black Friday Shoppers


Black Friday’s only really starting to catch on here in the UK, and as such I’ve spent the day hiding from the crowds safely indoors. Horror fans have been quick to spot the parallels between the phenomenon of Black Friday, and scenes from some of the most iconic zombie movies.

It’s hard not to make the comparison, with stories of retail workers being trampled to death and shoppers using murder to get the latest television. Youtuber Andrew Kasch compiled a video showing back-to-back comparisons a couple of years ago – but as the horror stories of Black Friday 2015 surface – we figured there was no better time to resurrect it. Take a look at the humans and the zombies, and make up your own mind which species is more terrifying.

George Romero has been very open about the allegory of Dawn of the Dead to modern consumerism, but we bet it’s not long until there’s a Black Friday themed horror movie.

Check out the video below.

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