When Zombies Attack! Part 1: Top Ten Items For The Stay-At-Home Zombie Survivalist





1. a person who advocates or practices survivalism; especially one who has

prepared to survive in the anarchy of an anticipated breakdown of society

This was just supposed to be one of my regular “assignment” pieces; and I thought, “Hey, I basically grew up in the woods, I know survivalism, I’ll look up makes of some products and Hey Presto! No. My list just kept getting longer and longer; there is so much more to it than just surviving basic bad people if an apocalypse ever came about – you’d be scared to drink even filtered water, women could be found by zombies by the smell of blood 1/4 of every month.

Me being the way I am, I am all about travelling light – really light – like take a tarp and you’ll find everything else you need on the road with a bit of hard work light. But I’ve come to the conclusion that most people feel more prepared and safe when they have things that visually make them prepared and safe; and given that, here is the first in what has turned in to a 2-parter, just because of the sheer magnitude of situations and gear you might possibly need – ten zombie survivalist gifts for protecting and continuing life in the home.

10. A Rescue Beacon


Make sure you can be found when survivors finally begin to take control of the zombie problem with the ACR Electronics Microfix 406 Personal Locator Beacon with GPS. This is a pretty nifty thing; you can personalize your signal saying who you are, where you are, and your situation for Search and Rescue and it has a 5 year shelf life.

As pricey as it is, people that go off in to the wilderness alone seem to swear by it – that basically makes it perfect for zombie survival. Get your tiny savior beacon here.

9. Some Practical Reading

Another way to jazz up your food while remaining cooped up in your home is to fit in a spot of reading with ‘The Prepper’s Cookbook: 300 Recipes to Turn Your Emergency Food into Nutritious, Delicious, Life-Saving Meals’.

With 300 recipes, this book shows you how you can make your survival food stock a little more exciting – variety is the spice of life and all that.

It’s a great book for DIYers and people that are generally interested in living off-grid. Get your copy here.

8. A Very Big Food Supply

You can sleep easy knowing you’ve got this bursting out of the pantry – The Wise Company’s Long Term Food Storage offers a 12 month supply of food for 4 adults, or 2 adults and 4 children eating 3 meals a day.

With a 25 year shelf-life and Mylar pouches, there are a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner suited meals. You can stock up in one purchase here.

7. Armor


So you have chosen not to go traveling around from place to place, risking life and limb sleeping outside. No. You are at home and I’m imagining you’d probably have a nice, safe, cozy, and fairly sedentary set up; so I’d guess you wouldn’t want to risk losing what little you had left in this world because you didn’t suit up when you went outside to forage or hunt.

The WOLF Titanium 9397 One Piece Suit will keep you protected from all the biting and scratching baddies that are about. Made of Brazilian cowhide, Kevlar; and with added armor in the shoulders, elbows and knees zombies are going to have a hard time getting at you when you get in to a tussle. You can get your own zombie armor from here.

6. A Lock Pick Kit

You’re probably going to want to ransack neighboring houses for food/medicine/weapons/anything to help you live more comfortably and safely if you are one of the few that have decided that it’s best to stay put during a zombie outbreak. You can NOT go kicking down doors or shooting locks – you’ll just attracted unwanted attention.

So what do you do? Get a lock pick set, like this one here.

5. Outside Eyes

If you like your gadgets this one is a doozy – the DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter Drone. Am I the only one that’s ever thought that it would be good to watch the patterns of zombies in the area? It would be an excellent way to see if it’s safe to go outside to forage.

Definitely for the electronics fans, if you’re all set up to survive the zombie apocalypse in style you NEED one of these; and you can get it here.

4. Water Storage

The waterBOB Emergency Drinking Water Storage can keep 100 gallons of water stored in your bathtub for 12 weeks – giving you plenty of time to get a long-term source of water arranged (like rainwater collection).

Any zombie survival expert knows to fill up the bathtub and sinks with water as soon as an outbreak occurs; water will eventually stop running and lets be honest, we don’t know what’s happening to the reservoirs because there won’t be anyone around to test the water; or to stop zombies falling in…

Storing the water like this will stop the risk of bacteria and bugs getting to it making it safer for you to drink for longer. You can get yours here.

3. The Perfect Weapon

Tell me this doesn’t look badass. You can’t; it’s badass. The Dead On Tools AN14 Annihilator 14 Inch Wrecking Bar acts as a weapon (and we all know that silent, swing-able weapons are the best against zombies) and a multi-tool unlike any multi-tool you’ve ever seen. It is more than capable of tearing down a room in no time.

The Wrecking Bar also acts as a wrench and nail puller, a chisel and an axe. When you need to cause some zombie, head-bursting chaos you can get yours here.

2. A Heal-All Kit

The Large Elite First Aid Fully Stocked GI Issue Medic Kit Bag is the best thing you could ever have in a zombie crisis. It’s so important for you to stay at the top of your health game if a zombie apocalypse occurs and wounds must be treated quickly and in as sterile a way as possible.

This kit comes packed with 320 items including an eye dilation chart, CPR mask, surgical blades and clamps, and a number of different wound dressings for any number of possible injuries. It’s the perfect kit for any zombie prepper. Find yours here.

1. Seeds For A New Beginning

Survival Essentials Heirloom Survival Seed Bank truly is essential. You need a long term food source and you need access to fresh food to keep your spirits up, and with 100 different fruit, vegetable and medicinal/culinary seeds (non-GMO, non-hybrid) to plant you will never be short of variety.

Whether you are in a city flat or you have a lovely little suburban garden this kit will do wonders for any long-term fort-ing in your home. You could grow them on the roof or by your windows if you don’t have a garden (not ground floor windows, obviously).

This is my most favorite find while doing this article, and I have already told the husband he has to figure out how to get me it for Christmas this year. Join me in some zombie prepping and get yours too, from here.

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