Killer Kids: Indie Zombie Movie to Feature in Channel 4 Documentary


An indie zombie film is to feature in an upcoming Channel 4 documentary on child actors. The channel are showing a behind the scenes documentary on child actors called the ‘Tiny Tots Talent Agency’ on the 26th of April at 8pm.

As part of the documentary, they will be looking at the child stars of Silent Studios horror film Zombie Playground: Ice Scream. The film was released in early 2016, and is currently touring the horror festival circuit. One of the film’s unique challenges was the number of young actors involved, with 30 child zombies featuring in the movie.


The Channel 4 series follows children who work with the ‘BizzyKidz Talent Agency’ – including kids from Zombie Playground. The film is about two ladies that get lost in the woods and stumble upon a very odd group of children that have survived there for a long time. In the film we discover why the children survive and what fate awaits the ladies.

Find out more about the film at Silent Studios website.