100 Years of Zombie Evolution in one Video

Need a quick, gory zombie education? A couple of days ago, Top Trending shared a video from Dying Light: The Following that shows us the different kinds of zombies cropping up in movies, television and gaming over the past century. It’s certainly a very clever piece of marketing for the game, and the incredibly skilled makeup team behind it capture the essence of each era of zombies perfectly. It kicks off in black and white with a look at Voodoo Zombie from 1932. The film featured more subtle zombies than today’s offerings, with the creatures still living but incapable of independent thought. From there, we take a look at Romero’s iconic creatures from Night of the Living Dead and the viral zombies of early horror gaming. More recent zombies also get some love, with the makeup effects of 28 Days LaterThe Walking Dead and World War Z also being recreated.

Check out the video above, and tell us which era of zombie evolution is your favourite.

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