This Bunny Eating Fruit Looks Like a Zombie Eating Flesh

As some of you will know, we have an official Popcorn Horror bunny – Vincent – named after my hero Vincent Price. Bunnies are awesome pets, kind of like a cat and a dog combined – but bouncier. When I’m taking a break from all things gory and gruesome, I do like to watch the occasional cute bunny video. I came across this fluffy bun who’s enjoying some fruit – but the bright colors of the strawberries and raspberries make it look much more sinister.

The fruit juices cover the bunny’s face, making him look like a creature of the undead who has been feasting on human flesh. His owner explains on Youtube “Pigi loves strawberries and cherries and he is a messy eater 😀 He is like a vampire bunny/bunny wearing lipstick” 

Check out the zombie bunny video below.