Zero The ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Dog Get’s His Own Cereal This Holiday Season

Whether you consider The Nightmare Before Christmas a Christmas or a Halloween movie – if you’re a fan of the classic stop motion animation, you are probably familiar with Zero the dog. A Box Lunch exclusive, the Zero-themed cereal features a cute, cartoon rendition of the ghostly dog on the box.

As with previous cereals created by Funko, a miniture Funko Pop figure of Zero is also included in the box – in a nostalgic tribute to the cereal prizes we searched for as kids of the 80s and 90s. This is the second cereal inspired by Tim Burton’s seasonal film, with villain Oogie Boogie being featured last year. Other characters who have starred in Funko cereals include Scooby-Doo, Beetlejuice, and Elvira.

Box Lunch explain on the pre-order page“Don’t leave out cookies for Santa Jack on Christmas Eve. Leave a bowl of FunkO’s and milk and he’ll be sure to gift you a Scary Teddy! Each box of this tasty multigrain cereal by Funko comes with a glow-in-the-dark Pocket Pop! of Zero from Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Zero is Jack’s ghost-dog in the animated holiday classic, and has become a fan favourite character. He has a glowing pumpkin nose which helps Jack find his way through the fog on Christmas Eve. Zero first appears in Tim Burton’s original poem, described as “the best friend (Jack) had”. He has also recently starred in a new comic book series Zero’s Journey, which is a serialised sequel to A Nightmare Before Christmas.

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