YouTube Space LA “Skybounds” into Halloween!


YouTube Space LA, Skybound Entertainment and legendary comic book creator Robert Kirkman are teaming up to deliver Halloween-inspired content onto the world’s biggest video sharing platform with a unique program for top YouTube creators.

From now – October 29, 2015, YouTube creators will write and shoot videos on this year’s Halloween set, inspired by Robert Kirkman’s works, at YouTube Space LA, based on the theme, “What happened here?” You can check out a 360 video of the set below.

Videos are slated to go live between October 26 and Halloween and will appear on individual creator channels. Selected videos will also appear on the YouTube Spaces channel and the official Skybound YouTube channel, as well as promoted on social media.

15 talented YouTube creators, representing eight channels, were also selected for an exclusive scriptwriting workshop to develop a comedic or dramatic story as part of the program.


Led by The Furst Brothers, who are heads of Skybound’s Film and TV division, the workshop was held earlier this month at YouTube Space LA and included guest speakers such as David Alpert, executive producer of The Walking Dead and President of Skybound Entertainment, and Academy Award-winning actress and filmmaker Geena Davis who discussed how females are portrayed on screen and gave suggestions on how to achieve gender-balance in scripts.

The YouTube creators chosen for this writing workshop in this program are also in competition for a development deal with Skybound Entertainment and include:


The winner will be announced at a special screening event at YouTube Space LA in late October.

This initiative marks YouTube Space LA’s third year in offering Halloween-themed programming for YouTube creators and is part of YouTube Spaces’ on-going mission to bring together the most creative people in the world around celebrated cultural events.

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