YouTube Films Worth Watching

YouTube is a rich source of free and engaging films


We’ve all been there – you’ve seen everything there is to watch on Netflix and Hulu (even the ones you really didn’t want to watch) and the same old DVDs in your collection just aren’t tempting you at all. Enter YouTube! YouTube is packed with a huge selection of movies, some of which are free to stream because they’ve entered the public domain. There are further movies which you can pay to watch, but we’ve rounded up some of the best free movies you can watch on YouTube today.

Night of the Living Dead (1968) 

Any horror fan worth their salt knows that George Romero’s original zombie movie set the precedent for the genre. Arguably one of the most influential and important horror movies ever made, Night of the Living Dead is one of those films you just have to see at some point in your movie-watching career. It could be said that the performances haven’t particularly stood the test of time, however, the cinematography and storyline are still pretty decent. Sure, it’s not going to be quite as much fun as the latest YouTube horror movies that let you choose your own adventure, but for any student of the genre, it is simply unmissable.

Europa Report (2013)

Fictional found footage films were a huge hit for a while there, and Europa Report is one of the better examples of this genre. Directed by Sebastián Cordero, the film follows the first manned mission to Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, to investigate evidence of life. The movie seemed to fade into the ether on its release, however, it has been critically praised for its scientific accuracy and realism in the portrayal of the team’s struggle to overcome a number of obstacles. Featuring an international cast made up of Karolina Wydra, Sharlto Copley, Michael Nyqvist, Daniel Wu, Anamaria Marinca, and Christian Camargo, this is one not to be missed.

Nosebleed (2014) 

Arguably one of the finest films in its genre, Victor Saumont’s Nosebleed is a low-key independent documentary that is clearly made with the insight and sensitivity of a poker expert. The film revolves around two characters, professional French players Sebastien “Seb86” Sabic and Alex “Alexonmoon” Luneau, and their trip to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. On its release in 2014, the film received nothing but praise and it continues to shine as a brilliant representation of the ups and downs experienced by professional poker players.

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The Hunter (2011)

Starring one of the finest actors of his generation, Willem Dafoe plays the role of Martin, a skilled and ruthless mercenary sent into the vast Tasmanian wilderness to hunt a tiger that was believed to be extinct. His employer, a shadow corporation, wants the tiger’s genetic material, believing that it is the missing piece for a lethal weapon. As Martin undertakes his mission, he becomes friendly with a family who lives in the wilderness, complicating his job and angering the corporation who will stop at nothing to have him finish the mission.

Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Adapted from the original Masamune Shirow manga, Ghost in the Shell is set in the futuristic world run by cybercops and artificial intelligence in prosthetic bodies. The story follows the character of Major Motoko Kusanagi, an elite agent of a special ops task force in the Shell Squad, also known as Public Security Section 9. Motoko and her team take on a case involving the mysterious Puppet Master, beginning a game of cat and mouse that results in a series of seemingly unconnected events that actually circle right back to the main protagonist. One of the biggest cult films of all time, Ghost in the Shell has inspired everyone from James Cameron to the Wachowski siblings and is well worth taking the time to watch.

Whether you want to watch a cult classic, a genre-defining horror movie, or a thrilling documentary, YouTube has you covered. Just remind us what we did before all of this amazing technology came along?!