You’d Be ‘Raven’ Mad Not To Appreciate This Pun-tastic Cosplayer



Here at Popcorn Horror, we love any excuse to DIY outfit ourselves in our favourite character’s costumes (In fact, last Halloween we even coordinated a staff ‘Alice in Wonderland‘ theme!). So when amateur cosplayer Beth Grimes popped up on everyone’s social media feeds last week with her latest witty getup for CONvergence sci-fi and fantasy convention in Minnesota, we had to check out the rest of her work.




The hilarious mash-up of the famous American writer and Star Wars: The Force Awakens character Po Dameron had many at the convention eagerly grabbing their cell phones to take pictures of Grimes.  Within 24 hours the snaps went viral and Grimes even caught the attention of the official Star Wars Twitter page who tweeted the fan a gif as a nod of appreciation to her effort.

Although the cosplayer said the outfit was hastily put together, and was surprised by the reaction, she also managed to fashion an adorable Raven/BB-8. Speaking to BuzzFeed, Grimes also admitted she hoped the hype from this particular costume may help draw attention to some of her equally funny previous work including ‘Garth Vader’ and Purple Rey and Ren‘ so that one day she can cosplay full time.


Susan Canary on Twitter
Susan Canary on Twitter


If, like us, Beth knows horror fans for their exquisite appreciation of good humor, then we are sure she will be successful breaking into the cosplaying scene. And who knows? Soon she may be partying it up, pun-style at a convention near you!