Year Zero Release New Trailer for ‘Far From the Apple Tree’

We are thrilled to be welcoming Grant McPhee of Tartan Features & Year Zero to this year’s Glasgow Horror Fest. The collective is dedicated to supporting zero-budget filmmaking and Grant will be discussing his experiences in horror on our industry panel this October.

Grant and Year Zero have an exciting new film in the works, and have recently released a new trailer for their latest project.

‘Folk-Horror’, ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Pop Art Fairytale’ have been variously used to describe this unique independent feature starring the Netflix drama The Innocents’ Sorcha Groundsell, after its teaser release last summer.

The film is now due for release at the end of this year and the producers have released the first official trailer, which you can watch below.

Groundsell plays Judith, a wide-eyed and innocent artist who has been given the offer of a life time – the opportunity to live and learn from renowned occult artist, Roberta Roslin (Victoria Liddelle). In exchange for cataloguing and archiving Roberta’s visual archive Judith will be trained, moulded and prepared for her first solo exhibition. Judith soon realises however that there is more to Roberta’s offer than she initially thought as she discovers a mysterious woman hidden within the archive – Roberta’s missing daughter who bears a striking resemblance to herself.

Directed by Grant McPhee (Big Gold Dream, one of 2015’s Sight and Sound picks of the year, Night Kaleidoscope) and with a soundtrack by Shawn Pinchbeck / Rose McDowall (Psychic TV, Strawberry Switchblade, Current93) Far From the Apple Tree follows in the tradition of The Wicker Man, Alice in Wonderland and Rebecca with an added large dose of psychedelia.

Grant McPhee said “I wanted to make a film that felt different to everything else around but still felt scary like a traditional horror film. It’s part Suspiria, mixed with The Velvet Underground, minimalist classical music and old fairytales. It’s meant to feel like a woozy dream mixed with sharp bursts of waking nightmares”

The film was shot on a miniscule budget and utilised decades old vintage camera equipment to help weave its dreamlike state and reality-shifting storyline. Formats included 35mm, Betamax, Super8 and Home Developed film.

Far From the Apple Tree will hits cinemas, DVD and online platforms towards the end of the year. Find out more about Year Zero on their website.



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