Xenia Rassolova


Tim Burtonned Homestuck Kids

Xenia Rassolova is a second year Illustration and Design student from Montreal. Her hobbies include vigorously doodling girls in pretty dresses, spirals and swirls, fictional characters and trees that look like noodles. She has created a series of works which re-imagine various film and television characters as Tim Burton-esque creations.


Tim Burtonned Avengers

She has tackled a number of popular characters, giving them the recognisable characteristics of Tim Burton’s illustrations. The style is heavy on the whimsical, dark and surreal. His monsters are bizarre, whimsical, humorous and terrifying. His heroes, heroines and secondary characters are equally bizarre, whimsical, humorous and terrifying. Lines in Tim Burton’s art tend to be very sharp and defined. However, they are always perfectly executed and never raw. They can also be as soft, subtle, loud or harsh as needed. His basic lines follow the same formula of most animation artists. Bodies or essential elements in a picture are outlined with a classic black line and the remaining picture is expertly shaded. Colors are only added to Tim Burton’s art when they’re vital to the concept. Like most animators, he relies heavily on black outlines and gray shading to create the primary picture. However, when vital, he has no problem adding a wide variety of vivid hues to a picture. Xenia has done an amazing job of faithfully re-creating these aesthetics.


Tim Burtonned Avengers

These Avengers illustrations came from the artist’s love for villainous characters. She began by drawing Loki, but was asked by her fans to create the heroes alongside the villain. On giving advice to other artists, Xenia explains “I think my best advice would be, challenge yourself, be overly ambitious, aim high, keep pushing yourself further. Attempt drawing things that you think you have no chance of succeeding to depict. If you have a good idea, even if it seems that you can’t pull it off, just go for it. Try drawing it, fail a few times, learn from your mistakes, succeed, and you won’t believe how much you’ll improve. Practising a lot, sketching every day also definitely helps to gain confidence in your abilities.”


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