How To Write A Horror Paper?

Having received the task on writing a narrative essay, many people face difficulties and fall into a creative crisis. Of course, the easiest way to cope with the assignment is to contact a specialized company (for example, Pro-Papers college paper writing services). Experienced professionals will do all the work for you. But do not think that it is unreal to understand the features of the genre and to compose a quality text on your own. It is enough to learn several simple rules.

First of all, you should awaken the reader’s feelings, find the response in his soul. If you decided to write a horror story, then remember: it should cause fear among fans of the nerves tickling. Scare the reader, and he will be yours. Having received what he came for, he will be satisfied and will come again. Your task is to make your paper not just scary, but also memorable. Let the audience tremble, turn around when hearing the slightest rustle and be afraid to fall asleep. Let’s try to find out what to do for this.

Instinct of self-preservation

Most importantly, play on human fears. These little trembling creatures have long been accustomed to be afraid. And the more time passes, the more scared they become. What could scare a caveman? Darkness, height, wild beasts, thunder and lightning, a strong opponent. Did these fears go somewhere? Not at all. But now, there are also a lot of new phobias. Clowns, airplanes, bacteria, mobile phones – anything that was once invented or discovered scares someone.  There is even a phobophobia – a fear of fear.

However, if you look at the list of human fears, it becomes clear that most of them remained from monkeys (or Adam and Eve, it all depends on your views). What does this knowledge give? The scope for whiting activity and one very important fact: fears are natural.

Of course, one scarecrow can’t cope with all birds. Surely, somewhere in the world, there is a person who will think after seeing a black horned monster in his closet: “Oh, oh, I’ll better go to eat.” You can set a goal to scare him, but it’s much easier to target a wide audience.

What are people afraid of? Try to start with yourself. Because, even if the author is not scared, the reader will not be impressed too – only a small percentage of writer’s imagination will reach him.

There may be many brave souls among you, but the main list includes the following points: darkness, height, fire, water, wild animals, and sharp objects. Almost all natural fears can be reduced to pain and death. The instinct of self-preservation, provided for by nature, tells us: “Do not go to the places where you can drown, fall, be damaged by fire; do not approach a wild dog – it may bite you; do not touch the sick people and corpses – infection may be there.”

Fear of obscurity

But fear not always has a specific appearance. Obscurity is the most frightening thing. People are afraid of the dark, because it is not known what is hidden in it; of loneliness, because we become defenseless in front of a huge world, in which there are so many unknown things.

The ancient Greeks created Zeus to explain the thunder and to no longer be afraid of it. We know that thunder is the sound waves of oscillating air, formed during the electric discharge of lightning. Of course, not all such knowledge is useful for life, but if you keep it in mind, imagine all the physical processes (or Zeus in a chariot), then you can understand that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Therefore, the reader should be frightened by something inexplicable. Let him look for a key. Its absence will scare even more. Whatever exists in reality, the imagination will paint a much more terrible picture. The human fantasy is boundless. You just need to push it a little.

Just do not overdo. Write “He was attacked by something incomprehensible”, and the reader will spit in the monitor. Use familiar images at least partially. A giant spider, a maniac with an ax. It will be simply great if you distort something initially not terrible. Do you remember the clown from “It”? Let it be an old lady with the unexpectedly emerged personality of the monster or the usual electronic frame for photographs which began to show scenes of the death of the owner and his family.

Win-win images

There are many already familiar images which you can present in a new way. For example, mirrors. Oh, these mysterious “windows to another world”. The spirit (well-known Bloody Mary) can pass through their surface. It’s possible to fall into them and get stuck forever.

Closed space: compressing walls, cages and cellars, labyrinths and towers. Claustrophobia is not uncommon phenomenon, and you can risk waking it up in your reader.

Above mentioned fire, water and height – you can get a lot from each of these images. The plane and the cable stretched over the precipice will cause a fear of the height. The fire in the crumbling house or the flame of the Inquisition will frighten the pyrophobic. A water-filled camera will immediately hit two weak spots.

Even if a person does not suffer from a mania of persecution, he will be frightened by the thought of a mysterious observer who can cause the problems just to see how the victim will deal with them. In the end, the reader himself came to you to see the tortures of the heroes, so that his own desire affects the subconscious and makes him think: “If I watch someone, then who is watching me?”

More details

In each description, details are important. It should be something bright, catchy, in case of horror – frightening. It’s not enough to just let the reader see certain things – let him hear, smell, feel. Thoroughly describe what you imagine. The dripping hot and smelly saliva of the monster, the booming roar of the flame and the heat on the face, the pungent ice crunching on the cheeks, the claws scratching the glass, the smack of metal on the tongue.

The more powerful the image, the stronger the impression. Press on all the sensitive points, show all the abominations. If, reading the composed text, you want to wrap yourself in a blanket or to wash your hands – it is a good description (not to be confused with the desire to squeeze out your eyes).


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