Zombie Apocalypse Game Swarms Android Devices

world zombination

Good news for Team Android zombie fans!  World Zombination, a game set in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, is now available for Android devices after being downloaded more than two and a half million times for iOS. The aftermath of the zombie apocalypse will be decided by gamers on their Android devices in the tower defense style MMO.

Players select the infected, a massive zombie horde bent on devouring every living being, or the survivors, humanity’s last hope.  Gamers playing as the zombies choose waves of enemies that rush survivors in massive swarms.  Controlling humans requires placing units at key strategic positions, which they defend with their lives.  Hardcore gamers who want to experience all of World Zombination can play as both sides.
world zombination
More than 100 units, each with their own special behaviors and skills, engage in epic MMO tower defense action.  Players employ strategic thinking when selecting which units will be taken into battle, which will be upgraded and what direction on the skill tree a unit will evolve.

Gamers battle with and against thousands of other players in real-time for control of the world.  Guilds can be formed to combat opposing factions in epic battles.  The victors are awarded powerful new guild perks, with the best performing players reaping the most rewards.
World Zombination is free on the App Store and Google Play. Players have the option to purchase additional upgrades and unit packs.  The game features cross platform support, allowing iOS and Android gamers to play together.

World Zombination will be coming soon to PC.
For more details visit http://worldzombination.com/