Women in Horror Recognition Month 2015


We’re extremely excited to be getting involved with Women in Horror Month again this year, and showcasing some of the amazing talent of women working within the horror industry. We have some treats lined up for the month of February, alongside spreading an important message about representation and opportunity in horror.

The organisations’ mission statement explains it best:

“Women in Horror Recognition Month (WiHM) assists female genre artists in gaining opportunities, exposure, and education through altruistic events, printed material, articles, interviews, and online support. The vision is a world wherein all individuals are equally given the opportunity to create, share, and exploit their concept of life, pain, and freedom of expression.

WiHDiscrimination runs rampant in Hollywood and it is very difficult for females (even well-known actresses) to get their films funded by major studios. Statistics prove that women are still not offered the same opportunities as men due to a variety of reasons from discrimination to female professionals accepting less than they are worth in order to receive the same opportunities as their male colleagues.

WiHM focuses on supporting the achievements of women who utilize the most extreme mirror available in storytelling: horror. We encourage women to explore and represent these horrors constructively, in positive environments.

WiHM was created with no exclusion. Men play a vital part in the female gender reaching equality. There are many male WiHM supporters and artists who choose to assist and work with professional and talented underrepresented females. Be a guiding example of a male who respects both genders equally. We all must take personal responsibility in our beliefs, values, and actions. Participating in positive, constructive environments that encourage and provide a safe platform for women to share and explore is vital.

Every February, WiHM supporters host events (blood drives, film screenings, art shows), write blogs and articles, conduct interviews, and create videos and podcasts for mass consumption.

Women in Horror Month is all about expanding opportunities for contemporary female genre filmmakers and artists by raising awareness about the changing roles for women in the film industry.

Come celebrate with us!”

Over the course of February, we’re going to be looking back at iconic women in horror, diving into topical issues and releases and paying tribute to some of our favourite female characters.


We also have some fantastic short films from female directors, going live on Popcorn Horror every Friday in February.

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As well as that, we have our reviewer RJ Bayley and feature writer Elliot Garlick writing topical pieces celebrating some of amazing contributions women have made to horror history. Have an awesome Women in Horror Month 2015!

For more information, check out the Women in Horror Month website.