Seven Women in Horror blogs you should be following


As we’re well into Women in Horror Month, we wanted to showcase some of the most interesting and inspiring blogs looking at the subject. To make the list, the blog must be either written by a woman, celebrate the work of women, or examine issues surrounding the lack of women currently in the horror industry. Let’s check them out.

7. Fishmuffins of Doom

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Wirtten by Elizabeth Talbott, Fishmuffins of Doom hosts a ton of interesting articles on horror movies including retrospectives and reviews. But during Women in Horror Month, Elizabeth explores the portrayal of women in these films in a series of articles. So far she’s covered The Babadook and Exorcismus among other titles.

6. The Girl Who Loves Horror

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One of the most persistent stereotypes in the horror industry seems to be that women exclusively watch ‘ghost story’ horror. While there are many excellent ghost movies that appeal to women (and indeed men), it seems unfair to exclude ladies from the fun of a good hack-and-slash. That’s why I like The Girl Who Loves Horror, a series of movies reviews by twenty nine year old Michelle. The films she chooses are extremely varied – including classics, B-Movies, slashers and more.

5. Girl Meets Freak

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Co-run by ‘The Girl’ and ‘The Freak’, this blog at first looks like just another review site. However, rather than traditional reviews, there is some extremely entertaining commentary from both participants on a wide range of horror films. Kristine (‘The Girl’) has also produced what may be the most definitive guide to horror genres, which we would highly encourage you to check out.

4. Kweeny Todd

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Kweeny Todd is a blog for all lovers of the darker realms. Horror blogger Kweeny and friends examine the genre they love through their own peculiar lens, bringing their view with sardonic wit, humor and intelligence. Featuring reviews and relevant articles, the blog offers a lot of interesting reading. Also check out a video made by Kweeny, Shit People Say to Women Who like Horror!’

3. Girl Terror

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Tiffany Villalpando, the author of Girl Terror offers her view point on the culture of horror films from a feminist viewpoint. As well as working on her personal blog, Tiffany is also a writer for Dread Central. You’ll want to check out her thoughts on the female characters of home invasion movie You’re Next.

2. Final Girl

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Featuring a a wide range of reviews, rants and rambles, Final Girl is an incredibly fun blog to scroll through. It’s written by Stacey Ponder, who writes with a lot of humour and personality even when discussing some truly terrible movies. Indeed Matthew Kiernan of AMC Monsterfest decribed Stacey as “A Dorothy Parker-esque droll wit and wisdom unrivaled in 99% of the blogosphere.”. She is currently reviewing some little known VHS B-Movies, so head over and check out her thoughts.

1. Day of the Woman

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Crammed with intelligent and thought provoking articles, Day of the Woman takes it’s name from iconic feminist film I Spit on Your Grave. Writer BJ Colangelo explores horror culture from a variety of angles looking at the role of women in the industry. She examines the portrayal of female characters in an array of horror movies, and celebrates women past and present who have made contributions to horror. Currently, the blog is focusing on a series of articles looking at unexpectedly feminist horror which features an interesting analysis of The ThingBJ Colangelo’s pick of the best recent female horror performances is also worth checking out.

4 thoughts on “Seven Women in Horror blogs you should be following

    September 28, 2016 at 3:22 pm

    It was inspiring reading a post on women in horror. Too often, we feel like we are drowning in a male-dominated industry and world. Reading about women who are kicking ass and making a name for themselves is exciting. Thanks for putting this list together, I checked each blog out.

    October 8, 2016 at 10:30 pm

    I did not realize that women comprised a large share of the market for the horror genre in entertainment. Fascinating!

    October 30, 2016 at 7:52 pm

    Check out the book trailer I did for The Junior Inquisitor Series!!! Any and all support for this trailer is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!


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