Why Writing Skills Are So Important to a Person’s Future Career

The Romans used pigeons to deliver short handwritten letters to individuals. Postal services used dogs, donkeys, and other animals to deliver letters to their intended destination. The telegraph used electrical currents and Morse code to send messages at a long distance, sometimes even across the ocean. The telephone used to be bound to the wall and people had to take calls at one specific location. Now with the invention of the cell phone, people can take calls from anywhere, as long as there is cell service. The expansive use of electronics has caused texts and emails to become a popular way to communicate, no longer relying on old fashion styles. Communication between people has been changing and evolving throughout history but only one element has remained persistent – language. For all forms of communication to be effective, language and words have to be used. Language is an essential part of communication.

Language has three elements: listening, writing, and speaking. People naturally listen to their surroundings and do not need to be instructed on how to hear. Speaking comes from listening to others and learning the meaning of sounds from the surroundings. Writing, on the other hand, relies solely on other teachings. “As a result, writing is used to interrupt an individual’s intelligence and education level,” opines Ashley Miller, an essay writing expert at Paper-Research.com and ConfidentWriters.com. Readers can go through a piece of writing and, by focusing on grammar and vocabulary, can determine the writer’s education level and intelligence. This is one of the reasons why writing skills are important to a person’s future career.

In a work setting, people are expected to write formally and need to maintain their professionalism. Professionalism is expected to obtain a job and maintain a career. Writing is involved in all workplaces and career paths. Writing is used in work emails, legal documents, job applications, contracts, bills, lab reports, APA and MLA outlines, and delivery instruction. In any field of employment, writing will be involved; as a result, people should aim to master and understand the writing techniques needed for their work. This will aid them in being productive and efficient in their careers. For example, a journalist needs to be able to keep readers entertained through their writing to convey their message. Teachers need to be able to write precise directions for students to follow to complete assignments properly. Scientists must have the ability to write clear lab reports for other scientists to replicate and comprehend their studies and experiments to validate them. Different jobs require a different style of writing; nevertheless, writing skills are important in the workplace no matter the type of writing. 

Writing skills are not only useful in writing but also interpreting. Understanding how to write a Rogerian essay, for instance, will assist in interpreting and understanding others. For example, journalists will occasionally use logical fallacies to try and guide the reader to support their argument. If a reader knows the logical fallacies and how they are used, they can identify them in a piece of writing and be a more critical reader. Being a critical reader is a useful skill to have in any career. In addition to being a more critical reader, writing skills help people craft proper responses. While reading a colleague’s writing, an individual can determine the appropriate response back because they can pick up on the formality through the vocabulary, sentence structure, and grammar. This is useful in target marketing and a variety of other fields. Writing skills help people make sure they are using the proper syntax for their audience and environment. This helps to impress an audience and build a network. Overall, writing skills are useful in interpreting other’s work and crafting responses. 

The world’s way of communicating is changing from less in-person communication and more online. This new way of communicating relies on proper writing skills. Without writing skills, someone’s words can get misinterpreted or be misleading. Clear communication is needed in any career field; therefore, writing skills are essential. Words are powerful and when used correctly can help someone succeed in their career. Writing skills can help an individual to be perceived as intelligent, maintain professionalism, and assist in interpreting other pieces of writing. Writing skills are useful in the workplace and, as a result, extremely important to succeed in a career. 

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