Why Online Gaming Providers Have an Interest in the Horror Genre

The iGaming industry has been putting great effort into delivering online games that surpass all expectations. For that reason, it started integrating various themes, most of them with a pop culture influence, into its offering. By mixing an already highly popular game, such as slots, with films or music, the industry can target a wider audience and can keep players entertained for longer. Movie-themed video slots, in particular, are developed with the modern player’s needs in mind, because they are packed with action, as well as an element of familiarity.

With the help of technological advancements, online gaming providers have managed to release fresh and exciting titles year on year. The excellent 3D graphics and high-quality sound effects resemble those in video games, at times even feeling too surreal to be a casino slot. Fans of all genres can find some of their favorite films turned into casino games and with the help of the Bonus.ca online gambling guide, they can find out their options. Online casino guides inform players on what is available out there for them, as well as what the best deals are.

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Many software providers have found inspiration in the horror genre and released some successful titles, but probably the best in the industry when it comes to creepy and scary slots is NetEnt. NetEnt is known for taking things to another level from a graphics point of view. The visuals are an important element in offering a thrilling experience for players and they are not afraid to explore that. 

One of their best games, and also a favorite among slot players, is Blood Suckers, a vampire-themed video slot. No matter how many books and movies about vampires are out there, people still seem to be fascinated by this dark world. What the game excels in is its ability to create an unsettling atmosphere because of its Victorian-style graphics. It also abounds in special features that attract players, even providing them with a bonus round that allows them to slay vampires for cash rewards.

Another provider that explored this theme and did a great job at it is Microgaming with its Immortal Romance slot. The game has recently been revamped to include more performant features, remaining one of the industry’s most iconic and popular video slots of the kind. With its new HTML5 format, the game is perfect for those looking for fresh vampire-themed slots. It benefits now from enhanced animations and improved sounds, as well as free games and autoplay, and quick spins.

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Zombies have also been a recurring theme in slots, with most providers choosing a humorous approach to it. However, there are still plenty of options for scary zombie games and Microgaming’s Lost Vegas is one of them. Set in Las Vegas after a zombie apocalypse, the game can be played in either Zombie or Survival mode. The choice would then influence which Free Spins feature players can access. Overall, it is a captivating game that manages to immerse players into an authentic zombie story.

What all the online casino games mentioned above have in common is that they are fueled with adrenaline. Add high-quality graphics and sound effects to it and you have a thrilling gaming experience. Horror films attract a large audience, despite being believed otherwise. People like them for various reasons, some for the bloody scenes, some because they want to be startled, and some just for the escapism. Whatever the reason, the horror genre is here to stay.