Why Movies Are Important

Ever since the time that movies have been made, they have been readily available to anyone and everyone who wants to watch them. Be it you watching from DSTV, you are using Hulu, Netflix or Disney +, movies have just always been there, but have you stopped to think why we have so many movies? We mean of all the things that we could have in abundance why movies?

They Make You Smarter

One of the reasons why we have an abundance of movie is because they make us smarter, not that they want to make us smarter, but it just happens. Through movies, most children learn the basics of their language and they can learn about their past as well as well other things that make us human.

They Allow us to Dream

We have to admit that life would be so dull if we couldn’t dream. Half of the technological advancements and innovations that we have today were someone’s dream. And movies are one of the many things that allow us to dream. Moreover, some movies even foretold some of the tech innovations that we have today.Did know that at real money online casinos usa you bet on non athletic events


Another reason why we have so many movies is because they allow to escape from reality for an hour or so. Even through we do have casino machine a sous games as well other games in general that allow to escape from reality, movies are the best when it comes to this. Now more than ever because we have VR and AR that literally allow to live in the virtual world for as  long as your session lasts.

They Allow Us To Feel

Laughter has always been the best medicine, but then again so is crying. With movies, you will either laugh or cry or feel sentimental and even scared. However, these all the things that make us human. Moreover, no matter how hard headed and how heartless you may be, movies will always be able to bring out the real you. With some even being able to move you to tears.


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