Why Creepypastas are So Good?

The horror genre has always been one area of fiction where humans have intensely enjoyed. While some people virtually hate it and want nothing to do with it, many actively enjoy the feeling of being scared as to them, it is a thrill. It hearkens back to human instinct and brings into question the idea of the fear response as a means of survival. By recreating this feeling artificially, humans can experience the same feeling of dread for a thrill, instead of dread presenting itself in a dangerous situation. Given this, there is no doubt that horror movies are among the most loved in the industry.

However, most people would agree that the advent of the internet changed our lives forever. It allowed several industries to grow businesses – the gambling industry is one good example of this. By providing websites for people to access their services like this one here, gambling companies managed to access a whole new player base who preferred convenience. In the same way, the creation of the internet has given rise to some interesting forms of horror, the most notable being creepypastas.

For those who are not in the know, creepypastas are horror stories that can be written by virtually anyone – that is what makes the genre so unique. Everyone has an idea about what is scary, and the fact that people do not need to be a published author to create a creepypasta is something that appeals to many. After they are written, they are posted on the internet in either written or video form. Creepypastas are famously characterised by their exploration of urban legends – a genre of folklore that can be identified as circulated tales that are always heralded as true without having any factual evidence for their truthfulness.

So many people enjoy consuming creepypastas as they are just as effective at scaring people as an hour and a half long film. Because they rely on urban legends, creepypastas can tap into the fears that audiences might have heard of or felt themselves, creating a more intimate experience than what might be had with a horror film. Of course, a more intimate experience when talking about the horror genre will always result in it being more terrifying. 

Some creepypastas are so great and influential that they ascend simply being a creepypasta and force their way into popular culture. The best example of this that has happened this decade is the Slender Man story. This character originally was presented in various creepypastas on the web, but because it became so popular, even those who are not into the horror scene would have heard of him. Additionally, there was also a film made about Slender Man, meaning that event the film industry views creepypastas as stories that have great potential to scare audiences. 

There is no doubt that creepypastas are among the most fascinating and terrifying subgenres of horror, and it is unlikely they will go anywhere soon. This is because they are tethered to the internet, and without it, they could not exist.