Why Aura Print Business Cards are Perfect for Horror Creators

All independent creators will identify with the joy, and struggle of creating a film, art piece, novel or any other creative project. And of course, even when your masterpiece is complete, there comes the tricky area of promotion – actually getting your work in front of fans. If you are a horror creative and need to spread the word about your spooky new short film, comics, music, art or anything else – it makes sense to consider business cards. So much networking within the horror community occurs at live events – screenings and conventions.

So why should you consider Aura Print for the design and production of your custom business cards? We decided it was time our Popcorn Horror cards had an update, and received a supply of 250 Aura Print cards. We’ll go through the benifits of the service, the design of our new cards and discuss the quality and style of the products.

Aura Print was founded by Liam Smith and grew from a single person small company to now providing services in dozens of countries around the world. They have experience working with a wide variety of clients and are known for their extensive choices and design options. Everything from the paper type and thickness to glossy or textured elements can be adjusted to suit your needs.

First up, the range of material types available for business cards is extensive. We went with a foiled design to compliment our logo and to give the backs of the card a little creepy touch! Using our logo, the team matched the red colour with one of their many available foil colors. The shiny, metallic red against a matte red background gave our logo a timeless and classic feel – reminding us of the iconic Hammer Horror logo.

The foil effect is minimal on the back of the cards, a single blood drip framing the key information. Again, the shiny look is eye-catching and gives the vibe of classy vampirism – perfect for Popcorn Horror. Because customers can select custom foil colors and finishes – the foil style can be modified for a number of looks. Horror creators – here is your opportunity to get creative! The foil could be used to give eerie glowing eyes to your comic character, to add distress to cards for a vintage aesthetic, or to highlight a striking quote from a novel.

As well as the cool effects, our cards are fantastic quality and feel extremely sturdy. These are not flimsy strips of paper – the thickness is similar to a credit card with a smooth velvet like feel. It is very difficult to bend or crease the cards – meaning they will still look great after being transported to several conventions and events.

Aura Print’s card printing looks extremely sharp and clear. There is no blurring around the letters and everything is easy to read. We managed to include an employee name, cell phone number, email address, URL as well as our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts on the back of each card without it becoming crowded.

Aura Print handled the layout of our information and presented it in a way that is easy to read and understand. Again, there are a huge variety of layout options, fonts and typography styles – so you should find one perfect for your project. We went with a ‘B-Movie poster’ inspired font style in white; which looked great against the red background.

To conclude, if you are thinking about business cards for an upcoming horror project – it’s absolutely worth exploring what Aura Print has to offer. With a range of customisation options and a reputation for high quality and eye-catching cards, they offer an excellent service for creators.