Greek horror film Sparks Creative Dialogue Among Visual Artists

A fiction film, paintings, short stories, photographs, a documentary, sculptures, video art, performances. Myths, fantasy, superstitions, dark stories, horror…

The idea, a collective and fully independent production of visual artworks. The inspiration, the superstitions of the the Greek folklore mythology. The final work, an unusual transmedia, audio-visual exhibition, directed by Thanasis Protatos entitled “the WHISTLE project” – is currently seeking funding via IndieGoGo.

With a vision of engaging audiences with a different kind of visual storytelling, this art project wishes to transform cinema, a visual art, into an experience that transcends the natural space of a movie theatre. Inviting all forms of visual arts under the same roof, WHISTLE project tells a singular story with many and interesting ways, starting with film and reaching out as far as painting, photography, documentary, sculpting, video art, illustration and installation.

Behind this idea, an independent group of artists from Thessaloniki, Greece. Utilizing methods of self-funding and collective spirit, this creative bunch managed to transfer an unusual horror story, from paper to the big screen in just a few months time and at the same time inspire a whole community of visual artists from around the world to join their cause!

Renowned Greek actress and WHISTLE cast member Sofia Filippidou states, “if you inspire a working group, miracles do happen. In this project I met a talented group of artists, with a strong belief that this will be done and be done great…”

“I like the fact that the work draws its inspiration from folklore. It is a rich topic and one not often seen in cinematic productions of this format, in Greece…”

WHISTLE project is currently in development, running an open call, inviting visual artists from around the world to join in. If you love cinema, art and more importantly, if you feel that the current way of producing and distributing visual content is not for you, read about WHISTLE’s plan and give it a try.

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