When to decorate for Halloween.

A holiday celebrated on the 31st of October is an age-old ceremony that has been around for over a hundred years. Halloween originated from an ancient, pagan Samhain Celtic festival. During the festival, people lit bonfires and wore scary costumes to believe they would ward off ghosts.

Pope Gregory, the third, then designated the 1st of November as a day for honoring all the saints and martyrs. Who is a martyr? You may ask. A martyr is someone that was killed for his or her belief in God and Jesus Christ. During those early days, this often occurred. Christ believers were killed by maiming, stoning, burnt alive, and another crude, inhumane ways, read more at Guns & Safety Reviews.

After the designation, all saints day incorporated some of the Samhain traditions. As a result, the day before the all saints day was named All Hallows eve and Later Halloween.

Nowadays, Halloween is mainly celebrated by wearing scary costumes, watching scary movies, and going trick or treating.

Now that you have known about Halloween’s origin and meaning, it is time to answer any questions. When should you decorate for Halloween?

You may have heard that the early bird catches the worm. The worm here will be lower prices and less crowded Halloween shops. Decorating early will also allow you to come up with a great Halloween theme.

Many Halloween fanatics recommend decorating in October’s first two weeks. While others say, it is better to decorate during the last week of September. At this time, there isn’t much demand for Halloween items; hence, the prices haven’t been hiked.

The University of Oxford did a study. That aimed at answering the all too common when to decorate for Halloween question. Found that Halloween shops recorded an increase in sales at about the middle of October. The study also stated that at this time, Halloween items prices were up by about 15%. Suggesting that it would be better to decorate at the end of September. Since in September, the prices were up by a measly 2%.

A group of research gate researchers conducted another study. Found that Halloween items sales were up by 65% two weeks to the end of October. They also cited that the item’s prices were up by 45%. From the above study, you can see that you will save money by decorating before that time and avoid the hustle of visiting crowded Halloween shops.

What to consider when decorating for Halloween

Theme – what theme are you going for this year? Will it be a scary spider theme or ghostly theme? Whatever theme you decide to go for, remember to get items that align with your theme.

Scale – will you decorate one room only or the entire house. If it’s the entire house, starting at the end of September would be preferred, as it would give you enough time to get everything together.

Considering all the available information and Halloween items purchase records. There is no clear answer on when you should start decorating for Halloween. However, decorating at about two weeks to Halloween will be costly as they will be in high demand.