What If Up Was A Horror Movie?

Even being an adult viewer, the opening fifteen minutes of Disney’s Up were pretty rattling. But here’s a take on the animated movie that will shock you in a different way, as YouTuber Bobby Brown attempts to answer the question ‘What if Up was a horror movie?’

The spoof video, which you can check out above, used footage from the film with some creative editing and voiceover additions, to turn the uplifting Pixar movie into something truly terrifying.

Bobby Burns, who created the video explains: “With all of the hype built up around the new Pixar film “Inside Out”, I thought I would bring to life what I think Up would look like if it had a much darker twist to it. This is Up if it was a child kidnapping horror film.

Ever since I saw UP I was a huge fan. The music, the animation, the characters; it is almost a perfect animated film! I’ve seen it several times, but the one thing I found myself thinking as I watched it again recently was “What if Carl wasn’t such a nice guy after all?”. So I opened up Adobe Premiere and went to work.  I am very happy with how it turned out!”

Bobby critiques and analyises movies as well as making parodies. You can see more of his work on YouTube.

What if Up was a horror movie

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