Werewolf In A Can

werewolf in a can

Werewolves are awesome and everything, but they don’t make the most practical pets. With 3D printing everywhere suddenly, its not surprising that horror is starting to infiltrate the trend. Thanks to 3D printing artists Mythic Articulations, you can now own a scaled down werewolf skeleton alongside other creatures from mythology.

The design of the creatures is sculpted digitally, then printed using a 3D printer. The werewolf figure has 22 parts, with 18 points of articulation, for a wide and realistic variety of poses.

werewolf in a can

The werwolf stands at seven inches when upright.  Each model also comes with assembly instructions, and two sets of hands, in opened and closed poses. As well as the werewolf, a human skeletonChupacabra and Cerberus are available.




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