We’re Welcoming Ash Pryce To Glasgow Horror Festival: BITE SIZE

Popcorn Horror is thrilled to be welcoming Ash Pryce – Psychic Conman to our upcoming event under the Glasgow Horror Festival banner. ‘Glasgow Horror Festival: BITE SIZE‘ is a one night event aiming to bridge the gap between Halloweens, being held this April 1st in Blackfriars, Glasgow.

As well as the line up consisting of independent horror feature films and shorts programs, the mini-fest will kick off with Pryce’s praised show ‘Adventure’s With The Dead‘ – inspired by old school seances and horror hosts.

Pryce is the creator and star of the sell out shows The Twilight Séance, Keep Calm and Scary On, How to Talk to the Dead and How to be a Psychic Conman as well as Stage Time Promotions Magician of the Year 2017. His BITE SIZE performance is a new show delving into the world of Spirit communication, ghosts, ghouls and witchcraft. Mixing a unique style of mentalism and magic, with tales of the supernatural, this show is packed with paranormal illusions both new and classic.

“People are still fascinated by spiritualism, despite it being 160 years old and founded by sisters who later exposed themselves as frauds” says Ash Pryce, who is also founder of the Edinburgh Horror Festival. “There’s just something highly entertaining about talking with ghosts and ghouls”

In recent years interest in mediums and psychics has boomed with television shows and stage tours to packed houses. So is it all just a scam? “That depends” continues Pryce, “On what you call a scam. I might be sceptical of these claims but I don’t think the majority of psychics are intentionally setting out to fleece people – there’s something called Cold Reading that certain empathetic people can be naturally good at but can look like psychic powers”

The best comparison to what Pryce does is psychological illusionist Derren Brown, himself a skeptic of the paranormal. “I don’t think it maters too much what you believe, we can all enjoy a bit of scaring and paranormal tales, as long as it isn’t harmful – which admittedly is a difficult grey area.” says Pryce who cut his teeth in the paranormal world when he founded the Edinburgh Skeptics in 2009.

But Pryce insists he isn’t a kill joy, he loves the world of the supernatural. “My grandfather was heavy into spiritualism, and he took me to my first spiritualist church where I saw a table levitate and bounce around the stage”. That table levitation is something he has worked in to his own show which boasts the Ouija Board, levitations, gory stunts and supernatural mind reading of your deepest thoughts. You’ll experience a show with a man frequently referred to by critic as a great showman, featuring an array of magical treats with a horror and supernatural twist.

To see Ash’s show, along with a selection of groundbreaking independent horror films, book your tickets now!


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