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Think you’re the ultimate horror fan? Kenny Caperton, writer/producer of the much anticipated upcoming movie Honeyspider, lives in a horror nerd’s palace – a life size replica of infamous Michael Myers house from John Carpenter’s Halloween. The house is located in rural Hillsborough, NC and is the personal residence of Kenny Caperton, Emily Currier and their two cats Loki and Siva.

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A lifelong horror fanatic, Kenny has been fascinated by the film since he caught sight of Myer’s pale, blank face. In 2008, he was ready to look into owning his own home. He happened to be visiting the original Myers house, which is still standing in South Pasadena, California, when the idea to create a lasting tribute to his favourite movie came about. Kenny and Emily discovered that blueprints for the original house no longer existed, which combined with the fact that they did not own any land made their idea seem incredibly difficult. However, they tackled these issues – designing the layout and floor plan of the house themselves on a sheet of paper, finding an architect to create the building plans, hunting down a good piece of land, and finding a local builder that was willing to take on the project.The Myers House NC was completed in March 2009, and can now be found looming eerily in the Hillsborough countryside.


Initially, Kenny was keen to reproduce the original Myers house as closely as possible. However, with the original being built in 1888, this was not practical. The project was designer to resemble the original at the front and sides as far as possible – with the back and interior being created with modern standards in mind. However, elements which are significant to the film – Judith’s room, the staircase, the hallways, and the basic locations of the kitchen, dining room and living room are in the same places. The interior decor has a rustic farmhouse/Victorian inspired look, with horror memorabilia filling shelves and on the walls.

Perhaps the most noteworthy difference between the North Carolina house and the original worth involves the exterior setting of the house and the interior décor. The NC house was built on over 5 acres of old farmland out in the country – sprawling hills and trees for miles. It would have been extremely hard, if not impossible to recreate the suburban Midwest feel of Haddonfield, IL for the replica house. However, Kenny is happy with this arrangement, explaining “Imagine Michael Myers attacking you and having no neighbours to run to!”





The Myers House NC hosts several horror get-togethers throughout the year and also puts on a huge “Halloween Bash” in October every year. The house has been featured in dozens of online, newspaper and magazine articles since its completion.  In 2010, The Myers House NC was highlighted in a feature-length documentary about John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN titled Halloween: The Inside Story that aired on the Biography Channel. It has also been host to many horror projects, and can be used as a filming location. Film shot at the house include All Hallows Evil – Lord of the Harvest (Feature Film), Revenge of the Sandman (HALLOWEEN Feature Fan Film), Christmas Carvings (Short Film), and more.

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