Weird Wednesday

Fantasy Coffins



Who wants to be buried in a plain wooden box. What everyone wants is a giant fish! The fantasy coffin tradition began in the 1950s when two brothers made an aeroplane-shaped coffin to fulfil their grandmother’s lifelong wish to fly. Now Paa Joe – the greatest living Ghanaian coffin maker and one of the early pioneers of the unique movement is set to have a documentary made about his unique life. The documentary, entitled “Paa Joe & The Lion,” will explore his craft while connecting the practice to Ghana’s culture and rituals surrounding life and death.


Bigfoot hunt goes wrong

You know what’s a totally normal, rational thing to do on a Saturday night? Go Bigfoot hunting. Omar Pineda thought so, but the hunt turned sinister when he accidentally shot his fellow huntsman. “Any story that starts out that someone is on a hunt for Sasquatch (Bigfoot), we probably have problems with you from the get go,” Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton told local media…unsurprisingly. The friend is expected to survive to hunt Bigfoot again, while the shooter, his father in law and wife were arrested.


Bigfoot survived.

Medical Curiosities



Try to guess what the tool pictured above is used for. Cutting down a tree? Something in the butcher trade? Nope. That is a Skull Saw, and it does exactly what the name suggests. You’re probably thinking that the brain is a rather important part of your anatomy, and you’d prefer not to have a giant chainsaw anywhere near it. Well, these were commonly used in the 1800s, so you might not have had much choice had you been alive then. The blade of this saw is moved by turning the handle in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction and is designed to saw through sections of the skull. Skull saws were used to remove fragments of bone in order to provide access for other instruments. We don’t really want to know which other instruments those were.

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