Weird Wednesday

Another Wednesday is upon us, and that means a wander into the stranger side of life. Let’s kick off with the image below, which we’re sure you won’t want on the table for Christmas dinner.


Behold, the Cthurkey! A monstrous hybrid of crab, turkey and octopus – deliberately styled to look like legendary monster Cthulhu. The dish is the culinary concoction of Rusty Eulberg, who wanted to ‘do something unique’ for Christmas dinner. Rusty named the abomination Cthurkey, because his wife is a big fan of Cthulhu – the mythical monster created by horror writer HP Lovecraft. The beast has an octopus-like head with a face of feelers, a scaly body and long, narrow wings.

His method involves roasting a turkey topped with bacon, while cooking the crab and the octopus separately. Even more bizarrely, he serves the dish on an old Nazi platter featuring a Swastika on the bottom – a relic bought by a friend in an old abandoned Lutwaffe base in Germany.

Next up, we hope you like moths! Check out the above video for some serious nightmare fuel. Acleris Moth, a Youtube user and ‘moth enthusiast’ uploaded a bizarre and creepy video of a dead moth being pumped full of air.

At one point in the 22-second clip, a part of the moth’s body suddenly extends, swells up and then retracts back to its original shape. Twitter users have speculated it is the moth’s penis.

Sorry, were you eating?


Next up, the calender is something of a Christmas staple. Despite everyone having a calender on their smartphone, you can guarantee that at least one relative will purchase one for you. Mostly they’re pretty standard – TV or movie themed, or maybe fluffy cats if you’re into that sort of thing. We’ve unearthed a couple of really strange ones though – which make you wonder who thought them up. The above image is a genuine cover for a calender of ‘Sexy Monsters’.

The months have creative, awesome names like ‘Nosvember’ and ‘Black La-june’, and as bizarre as the idea is, we found ourselves smiling. Check out a few more of these creative monsters below, or purchase the calender here.

While sexy Predator might not be an image you wanted, at least it’s not this totally genuine calender, described as “Our high quality RoadKill calendar for 2014. Twelve months – each beautifully illustrated with a foto of a different RoadKill animal. Perfect for home or office. Printed on glossy stock, it will inspire for a whole year…and then some.”


Happy Christmas kids!