Weird Wednesday

Microwaved PS4



I’m sure you’re probably all aware that the Playstation 4 has just launched. If you’re planning to buy one, we presume you will be putting it under the television, perhaps wrapping it up as a Christmas present, or if you’re that way inclined – putting it on a shelf, never opening it, and calling it ‘collectible’. We assume however, that you will not be putting it in the microwave. Kenny Irwin however, thought that was the best place for it. Kenny is an artist, who sells microwaved and sawn up electrical items on eBay – and people buy them. His previous…works of art…include sawing an iPhone in half, and blowing up a Nintendo DS.

For $11,151.30, you can own this melted PS4. Kind Mr Irwin will sign and date it for you, as well as throwing in “keepsake human skull made out clean underwear” and “Eyeball Toad Made out Of Toad Eyeballs”. I’m sure all three would look great displayed on your mantlepiece.


Historic Vampire Slaying Kit



History is generally weird, but here’s a pretty interesting addition to the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds. The vampire slaying kit contains holy water, wooden stakes and a crucifix, and would look at home in a Hammer movie. The kit also holds garlic paste, rosary beads, a pistol and a book of prayers. Jonathan Ferguson, the curator of firearms at the museum, said these kits are  believed to come from Victorian times but often are made later. He said: “These kits are often said to have been made as novelties in the Victorian period, but research shows they are later than this”

“The kit is what we call an invented artefact. Some of the items in it are 100 years old or more, but based on research into these kits, it was probably put together in the 1970s to capitalise on people’s interest in vampires. 

Alarm clock predicts life expectancy



Kickstarter hosts some strange ideas, but this one got our attention. It’s an alarm clock designed to actually…alarm you. ALARMclock by Fig has a retro-style LED animation which can be programmed to start the day with information that shocks its user into awareness. The makers say it can deliver “motivating data about your financial status, the size of your social networks, and your projected life expectancy”. Their funding pitch suggests users of the device can “reconnect with powerful motivating forces such as financial instability, social insecurity and fear of death”.

If you fancy starting every morning by watching your life tick away, you can back the project.