Watching Horror Movies – Steps, Tips and Warnings

Even though horror movies are scary to watch, it’s also the scary factor that makes the viewing worthwhile. The most creepy thing can be watching horror videos for the first few times or after a long break. However, there are a few helpful things you can do to get ready and still enjoy the viewing experience. In this case, the horror genre could be one of your favorites.

Preparing to watch a horror movie

Step 1. Read about the movie before watching it. This way you will find out what he is and what other people think of him. You can read the reviews to study the views of the audience, as well as see the rating of the film. If you don’t mind revealing key points, read the plot summary. Some people dull fear by knowing ahead of time what to expect. At the same time, nervous excitement from expectation, on the contrary, increases.

Try searching for a story ahead of time on the internet or, if you speak English, directly on IMDB (Internet Movie Database) if you’re not afraid to reveal all the key points before watching. This will tell you what is going to happen, and if you think a scene might scare you, go to the bathroom or replenish your supply of snacks at that time.

Step 2. Use the information you read about the movie to decide if you want to watch it or not. You may not be interested in the content, or the reviews will tell you that browsing will be a waste of time. Or maybe the reviews will be amazing and you will be eager to learn more. Decide if you want to watch a horror movie or not.

Step 3. Consider starting at the right horror level. One of the ways to stop being afraid is to watch films that are not too violent at first, then films that greatly escalate the situation and keep you in suspense, and gradually move on to the most creepy and sinister ones. Remember that blood doesn’t mean scary, and if there are scenes of bloodshed in a movie, it doesn’t necessarily make it scary. Some horrors without blood, in fact, are much worse than even the most bloody versions.

Step 4. Go to the bathroom before a movie starts, especially if you’re watching it at night. Most likely, you will not want to wander the dark corridors alone.

Step 5. Bring together a few pillows and blankets to create a cozy nest or even something like a fortress. A comfortable environment can give you a sense of security. Plus, you’ll have something to cling to if the movie really scares you.

If you are watching in the yard or somewhere outdoors, make sure the furniture is suitable and comfortable, like this one – 

Step 6. Watch a movie with someone else. There is no need to complete this challenge alone! Never watch really creepy movies alone. Invite friends or family members to join you. This will help.

While watching a horror movie

  1. Look more than you look. If you are really scared, you can turn a blind eye to the 
  2. Close your eyes during creepy moments. Or turn away.
  3. Slowly peek through your fingers and close your eyes again.
  4. Keep telling yourself, “This is not real!” Reminding yourself that this is just a movie with special effects (and sometimes with a bad plot) will help you remember that this is just a movie, not reality.

Try to laugh at all the unrealistic moments. For example: fake blood, unrealistic body parts, fake horror, stupid-looking monsters, and so on.

  1. Watch videos about making films. Pay attention to how some of the scenes are created to see how unrealistic all of this is. It will also help you prepare for further horror movies.
  2. When the pumping music starts playing, hug yourself. Something loud, terrifying, or bloody is likely to happen.


  • It is absolutely normal to be afraid.
  • Look away when someone is killed.
  • The best way to not be afraid is to simply not watch horror movies. Moreover, not everyone loves this genre or wants to delve into it. If it’s not yours, don’t watch movies like that. Life is too short to “entertain” yourself with something you hate.
  • Visual scenes are not as intimidating as sounds. Instead of closing your eyes, it is much more effective to muffle sounds by covering your ears (or one ear).
  • If you wear glasses, take them off during creepy moments.


  • People who react quickly to frightening things can have an epileptic seizure. Keep this in mind before you start watching, especially when it comes to a terrifying thriller (such as the movie “Saw”).
  • If after watching a horror movie you can’t sleep or have to sleep with the lights on, you may not want to watch these movies.
  • It is not recommended to watch a movie with the lights on. Subsequently, you may be too scared to turn it off.


If watching horror movies does not become an obsession, then this is a harmless hobby that can amuse and even, in the opinion of psychologists, be beneficial. However, you shouldn’t abuse it: you don’t need new phobias, insomnia, and anxiety disorders.

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