“WATCH ME DIE” – An unsettling short horror film with great expectation


Short-horror-film “Watch Me Die” has been blessed with great expectation from horror-film-fans and industry professionals to screen and centrepiece numerous film-festivals around the globe.

“Watch Me Die”, by first time producer Jesse Williamson, is a challenge to the horror society, a challenge to go back to the birthplace of the macabre, with raw, disturbing, and ungraded narration. The film has generated powerful, often emotional responses from it’s rough-cut screenings to recent audiences in Sydney, Australia.

“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome” is the foundation “Watch Me Die” stands upon. The film joins the past year’s spate of supernatural and vintaged-themed horror-films such as “The Conjuring“, “Sinister”, “Insidious” and “31” where the highly successful “The Conjuring” and “Insidious” series demonstrated the immense popularity of the supernatural horror-genre. “We will all die, whether it’s pretty or not” says producer Jesse Williamson – “Watch Me Die” demonstrates exactly what happens in the second-mentioned.”


Williamson points to Death as man’s greatest question, seeing “Watch Me Die” as an opportunity to look at this issue more closely, and to create a universal narrative that speaks to every human being’s deepest fear. “People are terrified of dying, but what I think people fear more is the transition. I wanted to make the transition for Nancy the focal point of the tale, distressing and long-lasting. I wanted Nancy’s death to be brutal, I want to make people uncomfortable, I want them to be thinking about it long after the credits roll” Jesse said.

“The film is completely action driven. We have zero dialogue. Where you are or who you are or what you speak won’t matter, it will still scare you, no matter what corner of the globe”. “Death is reality, and so is that transition, both has proven highly tyring and scary for anyone to think about. No system that discards your loved ones, your hopes, your dreams, your mistakes and your life is welcomed by anyone – a lot of people are extremely terrified, and all I want to do is inform that fear and push it further” said Williamson.

The film has been widely lauded for its breathtaking visual beauty, vintage themes and production design. I was all shot on location in Sydney, Australia.