The Walking Disney

Artist Kasami-Sensei has created a series of illustrations placing Disney characters into a post apocalyptic universe. In her universe, the characters must survive against invading zombies, inspired by the artist’s love of The Walking Dead. While we’ve probably seen ever Disney mash-up imaginable by now, it’s still fun to imagine who would fare the best in the event of zombie attack (our money’s on Buzz Lightyear). By keeping many of the classic disney features (facial expressions, big eyes), the images are made somehow more unsettling. See what we mean below.

zombie frozen

Anna and Elsa (Frozen) represent the survivors of the apocalypse


Mulan, the next survivor

zombie disney

Ariel and Eric (The Little Mermaid) also make it out alive

zombie pocahontas

John Smith is not quite so lucky as Pocahontas claims him as her pet zombie

zombie cheerleaders

Cinderella, Snow White, and Aurora (Cindarella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty) form an apocalypse cheerleading squad to lift the spirits of the survivors and beat zombies into submission with baseball bats

the walking disney

Merida (Brave) joins the ranks of the zombie hunters

zombie hercules

Hades and Meg (Hercules) have invested in a flame thrower to keep zombies at bay

zombie toy story

The line up from Toy Story prepare to battle the undead

zombie frozen

Kristoff is victorious after getting his revenge on zombie Hans