Own This 60s Style Devil Mask From ‘Volumes of Blood’


You’ll know if you are a regular reader, how much we love horror anthology movies here at Popcorn Horror. Trick R Treat and Creepshow are among my favourite movies of all time, and it’s great to see the tradition carrying on in the independent scene.

One of the best received recent horror anthologies was Volumes of Blood, which received fantastic reviews within the horror community. The film focuses on a group of students who set out to start new urban legends.


Volumes of Blood features segments by directors P.J. Starks Jakob BilinskiNathan Thomas MillinerJohn Kenneth Muir, and Lee Vervoort. Now indie horror fans can own a piece of the Volumes of Blood universe – which has expanded to include a sequel.


The Devil mask, as seen in the chapter ‘Encyclopedia Satanica’ has been recreated by Justin Mabry, an artist with 20 years experience making Halloween style masks. The mask is made from Vacuform, which is a hallow plastic connected with an elastic band, a true throwback to Halloween Masks of the 1960’s.

It’s available to pre-order from Trick Or Treat Studios now.

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