Virtual Horror Tours Are A Quarantine Hit

As much of the world adapts to social distancing, many horror fans miss the community interaction of live events and screenings. However, many tourist destinations, museums, theme parks and more are adapting to the situation and moving their tours and attractions to the virtual world.  Some are releasing video walkthroughs of famous locations, others are adding detailed information and photographs to map applications, allowing virtual visitors to explore their surroundings in any speed and order.

So, here are a few horror themed online tours to take during lockdown!

The Stanley Hotel

A visually appealing video tour of the infamous Stanley Hotel. The Colorado 142-room Colonial Revival hotel served as inspiration for Stephen King when writing The Shining, and fans of the novel will be able to pick out the similarities to the fictional hotel and the real life one.

Pripyat amusement park

The doomed amusement park close to the site of the Chernobyl disaster is a place that attracts curiosity. Frozen in time, the landscape of Pripyat has featured in horror movies, comics and video games. The park was still being constructed when the disaster occurred, but opened early for a single day to distract the residents nearby while they awaiting the official order to evacuate.  The site is still radioactive to this day, but you can use Google Maps to virtually explore the park while staying safe at home.

Disney’s Phantom Manor

This video takes viewers on a virtual ride-through of The Phantom Manor ride located in Disneyland Paris. Considered the darkest and most horror inspired of Disney’s haunted mansion rides – Phantom Manor is a truly stunning attraction. There’s a pretty grim story behind the ride, and it features some very non-Disney moments including a corpse hanging from a noose. Take a virtual ride on this spooky tour with this stunning HD video.

Nagoro Doll Village (Japan)

This tiny Japanese village is famous for being home to more creepy life-size dolls than actual humans. It formerly had about 300 inhabitants, but the decline in Japan’s population has caused that to fall to under 35 in recent years. In the early 2000s, Tsukimi Ayano, whose family left the area when she was a child, moved back to Nagoro to look after her father, and made a doll in his likeness that she placed in a field. She has since made more than 400 of the toys and placed them in scenes around the village to represent the former residents. It’s a very unsettling destination that you can also explore through virtual maps.


The Catacombs of Paris

The popular Paris catacombs have opened in an immersive virtual experience for explorers to enter online. The Catacombs have been open since 1809 and stretch for over 200 miles; however, visitors (virtual or not) only get to experience a small portion. They were established to move an abundence of bodies underground, in the hope that it would improve the city’s sanitation. The highly detailed 3D tour allows you to check out the Atelier, Galerie de Port-Mahon, Cloche de Fontis, Alcove del’Ossaurie, and Lampe Sepulcrale de l’Ossuaire. It’s possible to zoom extremely close up to the skulls and bones that line the walls – if you dare.

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