We Need to Talk about Vincent Price’s Facial Expressions in Tales of Terror

Vincent Price is undeniably awesome. He was arguably the most recognisable voice in horror, and starred in some of the most iconic films in the genre’s history. But what I love most about Vincent Price is how much fun he brought to every role. No matter how silly the movie, he embraced his role completely and always gave a memorable performance. 1962’s Tales of Terror might not be Price’s best known performance – but it’s an underrated campy experience where Price plays three different exaggerated roles.

The movie also features the talents of classic horror stars Peter Lorre, and Basil Rathbone. In the second of three anthology segments inspired by the stories of Edgar Allan Poe, Price portrays Fortunato Luchresi –  a wine tasting expert. Lorre acts opposite him as a violent alcoholic attempting to swindle booze from his exclusive event – but it’s Price who steals the show. The wine taster is so insanely camp, and Vincent Price embraces it totally – as you can see by his facial expressions. During the wine tasting scene, we are treated to some of the best faces ever pulled by a distinguished actor.


You’d expect a wine connoisseur to be smug, but not this smug.


The face of a man enjoying his drink.



Vincent expertly demonstrates the proper technique for wine tasting.



And then we get this adorable puppy expression.



And perhaps the best shocked reaction of his career.


Even when he greets Lorre – have you ever seen such a withering look?


But it’s all okay, because Vincent Price is a good guy who helps his drunk buddy home. If you don’t watch the rest of the movie that is…

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