Videogram Releases “Voorhees Stomp” Acid Washed Remix!

This week saw the digital release of Acid Washed’s behemoth remix of Videogram’sVoorhees Stomp“. The crossover track, the fifteenth in Videogram’s discography, initially appeared on Videogram’s “Camp Blood10” EP and “Pre-Cert LP/CD”.

The track gives a first taste of an ongoing collaboration between the French electronic outfit and Swedish horror synth composer Videogram, with more material to be released in 2018. Previous Acid Washed collaborators include Moby, Wolfmother, and Jimmy Somerville.

Available via Videogram’s official Bandcamp page, the remix will receive a wide release on all streaming/download services on Friday the 13th. The track features outstanding Jason X-themed artwork by U.S. poster artist Jesse Philips.

Direct stream/download via Bandcamp here.

Videogram is the original 1980s VHS-inspired orror synth project and brainchild of Swedish composer/producer Magnus Sellergren. Since its inception in early 2014, Videogram’s been in the front lines of the horrorsynth movement, reinventing the genre, and pushing it forward with expert musicianship, exquisite arrangements, and high-quality production. Being a VHS collector, Magnus appeared and had Videogram’s music featured in Vestra Pictures’ two-part documentary “VHS Lives” in 2017.

Sellergren is also the originator of the “August 18. 1973” grass roots movement celebrating Tobe Hooper’s iconic “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre“, having launched it with his same-titled art print series in August 2013.

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