VIDEOGRAM is a Perfect Addition to your October Playlist

It’s now the second of October, well into the spookiest season of the year and the time when many of us are starting to get into the Halloween spirit. When you’re putting together playlists for the month, we highly recommend adding Videogram to the line-up.

Videogram is the 1980s horror OST-inspired project of Swedish composer/producer Magnus Sellergren. Inspired by the 80s VHS boom and the classic horror films of that era, Magnus’ songs have titles like ‘Voorhess Stomp‘ and ‘I Warned You Not to Go Out Tonight’. He draws influence from iconic horror composers including John Carpenter and Fabio Frizzi.

His latest EP is titled Test Subject 011, and was recently part of Rue Morgue Magazine’s horror synth compilation “They Came From Rue Morgue“. All of the songs are inspired by Netflix hit show Stranger Things, with the artist describing it as featuring “softer melodies, pulsating riffs with dance-friendly drum beats, and outlandish synth and sample-driven soundscapes with soothing, melancholic string arrangements”. It totally embodies the otherworldly sci-fi eeriness of the show and characters, both in sounds and in it’s artwork.

If classic horror movies are more your thing, there’s plenty in his back catalog inspired by the major slashers. Last year he released a re-imagining of Carpenter’s original Halloween theme, and in 2015 created a 5 track EP based on the Friday the 13th franchise. The Jason centered tracks blend the ‘grooviness’ of the 80s with nightmarish sounds and VHS inspired artwork. Embodying the era of the slasher’s origin, Sellergren even created a limited edition cassette tape release with artwork by Andy Grail and Migue Rivera.

If you’re planning a Halloween party, or just wanting to get into the spirit on an October night, we’d highly recommend checking out Videogram’s work. It is available through the major platforms, including Spotify and Deezer – and you can also listen on Bandcamp and find out more about his work on Facebook.

Videogram’s music is going to be featured in the club night portion of Glasgow Horror Festival – perfect for the Saturday night monster mash!

Happy October folks!

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