This Video Explains the Night of the Living Dead Copyright Saga in 7 Minutes

With Warner Bros currently facing legal action concerning whether or not The Conjuring features historically accurate, or…personal ghost, it’s hard to believe that one of the most important horror films of all time is in the public domain.

But, thanks to a simple mistake in editing, Night of the Living Dead is indeed public property. The odds are, you’ve probably watched it on a VHS tape, DVD or internet site with no connection to the filmmakers – and it’s totally legal. If you’ve ever wondered about this, but don’t have a knowledge of copyright law, a new video is here to present the story in an easy to understand manner.

Kristian Williams is a YouTuber who creates video essays on film, television, comics and other aspects of pop culture. Check out ‘Night of the Living Dead – Horrors of Copyright’ below, and find more content on the kaptainkristian.

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