Support This Gorgeous Playing Card Set Featuring Victorian Vampires


I love horror themed playing cards. I’ve no idea how to play poker – or really any card game other than ‘Go Fish’, but playing cards seem to invite a lot of creativity in re-design. The folks behind the witches coven themed playing cards we covered a while ago have a brand new horror themed design. The Sisterhood of Blood, which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, is a deck based on London vampires from the Victorian era.


The cards were designed by 52ravens, who design, develop and produce premium custom playing cards. As with their previous design, this deck also features an all female cast of court cards. Each of them have a different story to tell, but together they become The Sisterhood of Blood.

Each of the vampires have names and backstories that help to bring these beautiful monsters alive. Along side this, each of the groups follow a theme, the Jacks have just fed, the Queens revel in their malice and the Kings immortality is coming to a close.

The crowdfunding campaign has plenty of enticing rewards. Backers will receive a digital copy of the 28 page Sisterhood of Blood book. Inside are all the court card designs in larger detail, along with the vampires name and her short backstory.

Head over to Kickstarter to find out more, and check out some images of the awesome cards below.