Update on Horror/Comedy Zombinatrix


Actress Bianca Allaine (Albino Farm, My Sucky Teen Romance, Watch These Films) and husband, director Michael Kyne (Web of Deceit, Blood on the Reel) are in pre-production for the feature length horror / comedy, Zombinatrix.

Bianca, who is producing and co-writing with Michael, is set to star as the sexy Zombinatrix. Also attached to star in the project are Lenora Claire (Golden Gals Gone Wild), Mark Quinette (Return to Nuke ’em High 1&2, Gotham), Doug Sakmann (Paranormal Challenge, Return to Nuke ’em High 1&2) Nadia White (Toxic Tutu), Mike Hearse (Coffin Cuties), Johnny Daggers (Blood on the Reel).

Keeping with the ’80s theme, artwork for Zombinatrix is currently being created by Sadist Art Designs . Hollywood visual FX artist and animator, Webster Colcord (Maleficent, X-Men:Days of Future Past), is busy creating stop-motion animation for the film.

Filming is set to begin in late 2015 in Washington D.C., Baltimore, and New York.

Find out more at the film’s official website and Facebook.

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