These Unsettling Sculptures Distort and Warp Human Faces

Mind and face bending Johnson Tsang is the creator of these unique sculptures. They are part of his original art series ‘Open Minds’, which was displayed in the Hong Kong Sculpture Biennial and the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Tsang spent 13 years working for the police force, before discovering his unique sculpting talent. His works are smooth and dreamy with serene faces, yet twisted at nightmarish angles and warped into disturbing shapes.

The artist explained “I feel excited when building an idea in my mind. I find peace of mind when I touch clay. I feel satisfied when a problem is solved. I feel grateful when the mission is completed. Then, I feel that I love it more than ever. So I feel excited to start the next project”

The works have be praised for the artist’s ability to capture “the fluidity of both physical motion and human emotion while challenging us to see the world in a different way”.

What do you think, do the sculptures make you feel peaceful, or unnerved? Personally, I find them morbidly beautiful – haunting but in some ways calming.

You can find out more about Johnson Tsang’s art at his website.