Unsettling Faces in Ceramics

Perhaps it’s the bleak, neutral tones of the dinnerware, or the uncanny valley nature of the human faces emerging from them – but there is something very unsettling about these pieces. Artist Fan Yanting from Taiwan does not plan the expressions on the ceramic faces, but allows them to take shape as he works.

I empty my mind when I’m sculpting the human faces. I might plan the pottery shape and maybe where I’d like to position the face, but I don’t start with specific character designs in mind,” the artist tells Neocha.

The pieces are all sculpted entirely by hand, and the artist reports that viewers often interpret the facial expressions differently. “Maybe a face will remind someone of an old friend, a family member, or the coffee shop owner down the street. By leading viewers to experience everyday items that have different faces, I hope to explore this phenomenon in my work,”

Find more on Yantings Instagram page.

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