Unique UK Destinations For Fans of Fright

The US gets all the credit when it comes to scary attractions and destinations. The world famous Halloween Horror Nights, the legendary Knotts Scary Farm might be household names – but the UK should not be written off as a premiere destination for scare seekers. Britain is home to some truly unique locations that are sure to send a shiver down your spine! From haunted hotels, to scare mazes and ghostly tours – the UK could be the ideal destination for fans of all things frightening.

Let’s explore some of the top spots to stop by for a scare in the UK. The next time you are booking a break in in the UK, make sure you check out some of these chilling locations.

Alton Towers Scarefest

The UKs answer to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, Alton Towers Scarefest is among the largest Halloween events in the UK. Unlike HHN, the concepts for each scare zone are entirely original and not themed around existing characters or franchises. The offerings change every year, but this October visitors will have the opportunity to explore a quirky trick or treat themed street, a toxic nuclear experiment site, a ghost ship, and an abandoned mine.

The long running attraction takes place in the sprawling grounds of the country’s largest theme park – which happens to be situated in a historic estate with a few ghost stories of its own.

The Mermaid Inn

Boasting a selection of historic haunted hotels, there is no shortage of spooky places to spend a night in Britain. The Mermaid Inn can be found in East Sussex, and is often touted as the country’s most haunted inn. Are you brave enough to spend the night in the ghostly hotel? Would you book a hotel room in this terrifying inn?

The Hotel can be traced back to the 12th century, and is full of haunted house Easter eggs such as secret passages and sliding walls. The notorious Hawkhurst Gang of smugglers used the inn as a base in the 17th century, and the ghosts of smugglers are said to still walk the halls. Reportedly the staff will only clean rooms in pairs due to paranormal activity!

Culzean Castle

The Wicker Man is considered one of Britain’s greatest horror films. The folk horror masterpiece uses some gorgeous UK locations to create the eerie occult world portrayed in the movie. One such location is Culzean Castle, which was used for exterior shots of Lord Summerisle’s castle in the iconic horror film.

The dining room scene also took place in the stunning castle, with some of the props still inside the building. Fans of the film can take a tour of the castle and visit the gardens – meaning you can emmerse yourself in the eerie world of The Wicker Man.

Viktor Wynd Shop of Horrors

A cabinet of curiosities awaits visitors to this unique shop and visitor attraction. The Viktor Wynd describes itself as “an attempt to recreate or reinterpret, within 21st century sensibilities, a 17th century Wunderkabinett”

A tour might not be for the faint of heart, but eerie delights await those who love all things macabre. The exhibitions include collections of occult and black magic items, preserved remains of strange animals, human hair collections, and evidence of deep sea monsters. Be sure to check out the eerie mermaid skeleton.

Highgate Cemetery

Hauntingly beautiful and historically fascinating, Highgate Cemetery is infamous for its spooky sprawling landscapes and famous graves. Over 170,000 people are thought to be buried in this historic graveyard, which is one of the Magnificent Seven Victorian cemeteries in London.

Egyptian themed crypts and rotting angel statues can be found here – showcasing the Victorians gothic attraction to death. Its a place filled with dark history, perfect for exploring on a dark winter night.

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