“Unfriended” surpasses expectation at US Box Office


A new twist on the found footage genre, low-budget supernatural film ‘Unfriended‘ is an unexpected hit at the US Box Office. Directed by Russia-based Georgian director Levan Gabriadze, Unfriended is a story of six high school friends who convene for a Skype chat one evening. The Skype call is then interrupted by someone who turns out to be a friend of the six who killed herself after being bullied online.  The film plays out almost entirely on the computer screen of one of its characters.

After a successful premier at the Fantasia Festival in 2014, Universal Pictures picked up the film rights with the intent to give it a wider theatrical release the following year. On a budget of just $1 million and only a sixteen day production run, the film follows the trend of making huge profits on a budget demonstrated by bigger franchises such as Paranormal Activity. As of the 1st May, ‘Unfriended’ is holding up in the top ten of the US Box office, with a gross of $27.5 million worldwide.

As Jackie K Cooper said in his review written for www.huffingtonpost.com, “Unfriended is the kind of movie that shouldn’t work but does.”

“It doesn’t have any big name (or even recognisable) stars. It appears to have a shoestring budget. And Universal doesn’t appear to be pushing it with any major press releases/advertising. Those are three strikes and it should be out but it isn’t. This little movie just keeps on pulling in the crowds.”

Check out the trailer below.