Ultimate 1980s Horror Anthology Drops Trailer for Part One

New York Production Company (The Cinemaharvest Co.) has announced the completion of the First of Three 35mm Short films to be compiled into the Ultimate 1980’s Horror Anthology: “The Trick or Treat Picture Show“.

The first instalment is The Invaderset in the Fall of 1989. A young window moves into an outdated Victorian, only to discover a deformed vagrant has been taking sanctuary there. The team have described the upcoming anthology as atribute to 80’s Slasher Cinema and strong female survivors.

Director Anthony Ashmore said; “The current state of affairs within the horror genre are quite grim. An over-saturation of gore, “found footage” formatting, inauthentic performances, and direct-to-video productions, define our current climate within the chronology of horror film production.”

“The films which scared me the most were the docudrama theatrical films of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Films like “Halloween”, “The Shining”, “The Exorcist” & “The Amityville Horror”, struck a chord within the collective consciousness of the nation. These movies were presented during a period of realism within the film business, of which motion pictures like “The Godfather” and “Taxi Driver” set a precedence. As time, commercialism and film styles have evolved, our ever-beloved genre has declined into an era of cheap thrills and red food coloring. Where are the realistic films that gave us nightmares, chills, and offered a sense of dread because of their total authenticity? The aforementioned is the foundation of this Motion Picture”.

Anthony Ashmore, born in 1984 in East Hampton, New York is an American Filmmaker and Clinical Psychotherapist. While growing up at the peak of the VHS Craze, he was influenced to become a filmmaker via watching classic horror films. He is actively a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist in the State of New York. He was quoted as saying: “Film and Psychotherapy are the same beast .. they explore the human condition within a microscopic context”.

Check out the new trailer below.