Trëz Orb


Trëz Orb is a French artist from Paris. Using a combination of  photography, painting, sculpture and film, he examines the body and mind in his work. He explains the motivation for his eerie pieces as “This is for me to find my place among this chaotic structure that I do not understand. Creation is the only way to know who I am.”He is a member of the Oxyum Art Collective and of the Octopulse Collective (Video Art) and also a resident artist of La Cave Show Room Gallery.


His work explores human beings, their devious minds and defects. It is also a study of the society we have created, and his worldview on various issues. He has always drawn, trying to capture images that symbolize how he views the world. He believes we can express ourselves through creative outlets more coherently than through speech, and explains “Painting, sculpture, film, music, literature…creation is a way to tell who we really are, what is really buried within us.”


He does not create horror based work simply because the images are dark, explaining “I feel lost in this society; I do not understand the human being. If the world were less chaotic, my work would also be less chaotic. I simply create what I see. I like a lot of works that can have the tag “dark art”, in painting, literature, music etc. It’s not just because they are dark, but probably because they have more links with my worldview than more “enlighted” works. But, I don’t like only dark things”


He explains that his work is derived largely from his fears of time and death, the sense that we could all die before achieving our goals. He elaborates on this, explaining ” Life is very short; there are so many things I’d like to do. When I create, I try to understand: Why do I exist? I hope to have time to go as far as possible on this journey to find answers. I try to enjoy life – and good times, too – with my friends and family. I do not have a good opinion of humans and our society, but I know that I love life. Some friends have died very young and, sometimes, death haunts me.”

Find more about Trëz Orb at his website