Trailer Mashup – Meet ‘E.T.K: The Extra-Terrestrial Krueger’

E.T is one of the most beloved family films from the 1980s, and sparked the desire for an otherworldly pet in many young viewers. But how might children react if instead of a friendly alien, their supernatural companion was the master of nightmares? YouTube channel Space Taste  combined scenes from E.T and the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise to make the fantastic mashup trailer.

Given that both films were made and set in the 80s, they blend together much better than you probably imagine. Check out the trailer below, and tell us what other family films you’d like to see Freddy invade!

SPACE TASTE aims to be the premier destination for intelligent and thoughtful discussion in the world of sci-fi and superheroes. They release trailer mashups videos like this one,  E! True Hollywood parodies (but with superheroes), time-lapse art, & ethical analyses of sci-fi films as well.

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