Trail of Blood on the Trail hits VOD


TRAIL OF BLOOD ON THE TRAIL is now available to rent/own via VOD here. You can choose between VHX or Gumroad streaming services to watch now. The VHX app allows you to stream directly to your television through most devices.

TRAIL OF BLOOD ON THE TRAIL is a horror-action-comedy film about Brad’s (Brett Erickson) attempt at a romantic marriage proposal at a tunnel of love on an isolated biking trail. Unfortunately for Brad, he doesn’t know is girlfriend as well as he thinks. As Brad and Ava bicker their way down the bike trail, they are oblivious to the zombie apocalypse that is picking up steam around them. The movie builds into a potent combination of action and humor as Brad and Ava try to fight through the tunnel of love that is swarming with zombies.

This hilarious and action packed zombie movie has been played at horror film festivals worldwide. In an interview with FilmBuzz, director Kate Lavin explained the inspiration for the film. “Trail Of Blood On The Trail was inspired by the local scenery in Peoria, Illinois. While biking on a trail, I rode through a tunnel that goes underneath a 4 lane road.  The lights inside the tunnel were off and my imagination ran wild.  I knew this was the perfect location for a horror movie and organized filming to begin within two months.”

Check out the trailer below.

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